Star Wars Armada is a captivating miniatures game that pits the massive starships of the Star Wars universe against each other in epic space battles. A crucial aspect of the game is constructing a fleet that can dominate the battlefield. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, building the perfect list can be a daunting task. This guide will provide you with essential tips and strategies to create powerful and effective Star Wars Armada lists.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into list building, it's essential to understand the basic structure of a Star Wars Armada fleet. Each fleet is comprised of three main components: ships, squadrons, and upgrades. These elements must work together seamlessly to achieve victory on the battlefield.

Ships are the core of your fleet and come in various classes, ranging from small frigates to massive Star Destroyers. Each ship has unique attributes, including hull points, shield strength, and firepower. Selecting a mix of ships that complement each other is crucial. For instance, a heavy hitter like the Imperial-class Star Destroyer can serve as a flagship, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities, while smaller support ships can aid in flanking maneuvers and protecting the flagship from threats.

Squadrons are smaller fighter units that play a pivotal role in space battles. They can engage enemy squadrons, harass larger ships, and complete objective-based missions. Integrating a variety of squadrons, such as interceptors for dogfighting and bombers for targeting capital ships, can create a versatile and balanced fleet.

Upgrades are additional components that enhance the capabilities of your ships and squadrons. These can include crew members, weapon systems, and advanced technologies. Choosing the right upgrades can significantly impact your fleet's performance, enabling you to tailor your ships to specific roles or counter specific threats.

The game operates on a point system, with each player typically having 400 points to spend on their fleet. This point limit necessitates careful consideration of each component's cost and value. Balancing your fleet's composition to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses is the key to building a competitive and effective Star Wars Armada list. By understanding and strategically utilizing ships, squadrons, and upgrades, you can create a cohesive and formidable fleet capable of facing any challenge.

Key Components of a Fleet

Building a formidable fleet in Star Wars Armada requires a deep understanding of its key components: capital ships, squadrons, and upgrades. Each element plays a crucial role in shaping your strategy and ensuring your fleet can handle various threats and scenarios.

Capital Ships

Capital ships are the backbone of any fleet, providing the heavy firepower and resilience needed for sustained engagements. These massive vessels are equipped with powerful weapons and thick armor, making them formidable opponents on the battlefield. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer, for example, is a popular choice for the Galactic Empire. It boasts significant firepower and defensive capabilities, making it a daunting adversary. On the other hand, the Rebel Alliance often fields the MC80 Star Cruiser, known for its versatility and durability.

Capital ships also serve as command hubs, where admirals and commanders can deploy strategic orders to influence the battle. Selecting a flagship with the right combination of offensive and defensive capabilities is essential. A well-chosen flagship can turn the tide of battle, providing both a strong offensive presence and a rallying point for your fleet.


Starfighter squadrons are critical for controlling the battlefield. These smaller, more agile units provide essential support to your capital ships and can engage enemy squadrons directly. Including a mix of fighters, bombers, and interceptors offers tactical flexibility. Fighters like X-Wings or TIE Fighters excel in dogfighting, keeping enemy squadrons at bay. Bombers, such as Y-Wings or TIE Bombers, are designed to deliver heavy damage to enemy capital ships, making them valuable assets in your fleet. Interceptors, like A-Wings or TIE Interceptors, provide speed and agility, allowing them to quickly respond to threats and intercept enemy bombers.

Squadrons also play a vital role in completing objectives, such as securing strategic points or disrupting enemy formations. Their ability to maneuver quickly across the battlefield makes them indispensable for dynamic and adaptive strategies.


Upgrades significantly enhance the capabilities of your ships and squadrons, providing a wide range of strategic options. These upgrades can include crew members, advanced weapon systems, and various modifications tailored to specific roles. For instance, adding Gunnery Teams to a capital ship can increase its firepower, allowing it to target multiple enemies simultaneously. Engine Techs can improve a ship's maneuverability, enabling it to outflank opponents and evade attacks.

Carefully selecting upgrades that complement your fleet's overall strategy is crucial. For example, a fleet focusing on long-range engagements might benefit from Enhanced Armament upgrades, while a close-combat-oriented fleet could prioritize Assault Concussion Missiles. Additionally, unique characters and iconic figures from the Star Wars universe can serve as powerful upgrades, providing special abilities and bonuses that can turn the tide of battle.

Strategies for Building a Competitive List

Creating a competitive list in Star Wars Armada requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Here are some essential strategies to help you build a powerful and effective fleet.

Define Your Strategy

The first step in building a list is deciding on a strategy. Do you want to focus on overwhelming firepower, agility, or a balanced approach? Having a clear strategy will guide your choices when selecting ships, squadrons, and upgrades. For example, if you aim to overwhelm your opponent with firepower, you might focus on capital ships with heavy weaponry and long-range capabilities. Alternatively, if you prefer agility and maneuverability, you might prioritize faster ships and squadrons that can outflank and outmaneuver the enemy. A balanced approach often combines elements of both, ensuring versatility across different scenarios.

Synergy is Key

Ensuring that the components of your fleet work well together is crucial. Synergy can turn a good fleet into a great one. For instance, pairing a ship with strong anti-squadron capabilities with squadrons that can protect it from bombers can create a formidable combination. Consider how your ships and squadrons can support each other. For example, a Nebulon-B Escort Frigate with its strong anti-fighter capabilities can safeguard your bombers as they approach enemy capital ships. Look for upgrades that enhance these synergies, such as Fighter Coordination Teams that allow your bombers to move and attack more effectively.

Consider Objectives

Star Wars Armada scenarios are often determined by objectives, and choosing the right ones can give your fleet a significant advantage. Objectives can force the engagement to play out in ways that favor your fleet's strengths. For example, a fleet with strong long-range firepower might benefit from objectives like Precision Strike or Advanced Gunnery, which reward long-range engagements. On the other hand, a more agile fleet might prefer objectives like Hyperspace Assault or Intel Sweep, which allow for rapid movement and tactical flexibility. Always align your objectives with your fleet's capabilities to maximize their impact.

Balanced Composition

A well-rounded fleet is typically more adaptable and can handle various threats and scenarios. Having a mix of capital ships, squadrons, and upgrades ensures you can respond to different challenges. Avoid putting all your points into one aspect of your fleet, as this can leave you vulnerable. For example, a fleet composed entirely of powerful capital ships may struggle against a swarm of agile fighters. Similarly, a squadron-heavy fleet might lack the firepower to deal with heavily armored opponents. Strive for a balanced composition that can adapt to the ebb and flow of battle.

Test and Refine

Once you have a list, it's vital to playtest it to identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement. Playtesting allows you to see how your fleet performs in actual games and provides insights into what adjustments are necessary. Take note of any components that consistently underperform or any strategies that don't work as expected. Adjust your fleet composition based on these experiences. Perhaps a particular upgrade isn't providing the expected benefits, or a specific ship isn't fitting well within your strategy. Iteration is keyÔÇörefine your list continuously to enhance its effectiveness.

Example Fleet Lists

To help you understand how to apply various strategies when building your Star Wars Armada fleet, here are two example lists showcasing different approaches: Imperial Firepower and Rebel Hit-and-Run.

Imperial Firepower Fleet

This fleet focuses on overwhelming firepower and resilience, utilizing the Empire's most formidable ships and squadrons.

Flagship: Imperial-class Star Destroyer (ISD-II)

  • Upgrades:
    • Gunnery Team: Allows the ISD-II to target multiple enemies, maximizing its offensive potential.
    • Leading Shots: Provides reroll opportunities to ensure more consistent damage output.
    • XI7 Turbolasers: Reduces the effectiveness of enemy shields, allowing for more direct damage.

Support Ships: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer (Demolisher)

  • Upgrades:
    • Ordnance Experts: Enhances the ship's close-range attack capabilities with rerolls for ordnance weapons.
    • Engine Techs: Increases the ship's maneuverability, enabling it to get into optimal firing positions.


  • TIE Interceptor Squadrons: Fast and agile, these squadrons excel in dogfighting and can quickly engage enemy fighters.
  • TIE Bomber Squadrons: Durable and capable of dealing significant damage to enemy capital ships.


  • Most Wanted: Increases the stakes by making a specific ship worth double points, encouraging aggressive play.
  • Superior Positions: Rewards flanking maneuvers, aligning with the fleet's strong offensive capabilities.
  • Contested Outpost: Encourages control of strategic points, leveraging the fleet's firepower to dominate key areas.

Rebel Hit-and-Run Fleet

This fleet emphasizes speed, agility, and precision strikes, leveraging the Rebel Alliance's strengths in quick, decisive engagements.

Flagship: MC30c Torpedo Frigate (Admonition)

  • Upgrades:
    • Assault Concussion Missiles: Increases the ship's damage output in close combat.
    • Ordnance Experts: Provides rerolls to ensure effective use of its powerful torpedoes.

Support Ships: Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

  • Upgrades:
    • Yavaris: Enhances the effectiveness of squadrons, allowing them to perform additional attacks.
    • Fighter Coordination Team: Improves squadron movement, enabling better positioning and support.


  • X-Wing Squadrons: Versatile fighters that can handle enemy squadrons and provide support against capital ships.
  • Y-Wing Squadrons: Reliable bombers that can inflict heavy damage on enemy ships.


  • Precision Strike: Rewards targeting and destroying key enemy components, ideal for the fleet's hit-and-run tactics.
  • Hyperspace Assault: Allows deployment flexibility, enabling surprise attacks and strategic positioning.
  • Intel Sweep: Encourages rapid movement and control of strategic points, leveraging the fleet's speed and agility.

By utilizing these examples, you can see how different strategies can be employed to create effective and competitive fleets in Star Wars Armada. Tailor these lists to your playstyle and the specific strengths of your chosen faction to dominate the battlefield.

Building an effective Star Wars Armada fleet requires careful planning and strategy. By understanding the key components of your fleet, defining a clear strategy, ensuring synergy, and continually refining your list through playtesting, you can create formidable and competitive fleets. Whether you're aiming for dominance in tournaments or just having fun with friends, these tips will help you become a master fleet builder.

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