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Conventions and Cosplay

Top LEGO Conventions to Check Out

Explore the best annual LEGO conventions around the world. Discover where and when to experience incredible builds, exclusive sets, and meet fellow LEGO fans.
Lego And Construction Models

Lego Ideas Theme Explained

Discover everything about Lego Ideas with our comprehensive guide. Learn how fan creations become official sets, and explore the most iconic releases.
Lego And Construction Models

6 Building Block Alternative Brands Worth Checking Out

Looking for new building blocks beyond Lego? Discover six fantastic building sets brands that offer unique and creative experiences for enthusiasts of all ages. Explore these brands for a diverse range of themes and innovative designs.
Lego And Construction Models

Top 10 Vintage Lego Sets for Collectors

Explore the top 10 vintage Lego sets that have become prized possessions for collectors. Learn about their release years, themes, piece counts, original MSRPs, and current values. Who knows? Maybe you have a treasure sitting in your old toy box!