LEGO conventions are a global phenomenon, drawing fans of all ages to celebrate creativity, innovation, and the beloved brick. From massive displays to interactive workshops, these conventions offer an unparalleled experience. Here’s a guide to the top annual LEGO conventions worldwide that you shouldn't miss.

1. Brickworld Chicago

Date: June
Location: Schaumburg Convention Center, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Brickworld Chicago is one of the largest and most prestigious LEGO conventions in the United States. This annual event attracts thousands of LEGO enthusiasts from around the world to admire and participate in a vast array of activities. Visitors can explore intricate LEGO displays created by both amateur and professional builders, showcasing a wide range of themes from cityscapes to fantasy worlds. Interactive workshops and seminars are available for those looking to hone their building skills, while various vendors offer rare and exclusive LEGO sets, custom pieces, and memorabilia. The event also features building competitions, providing a platform for creative minds to showcase their talents and win accolades. Brickworld Chicago is a must-visit for anyone passionate about LEGO, offering an immersive experience that celebrates the endless possibilities of the beloved brick.

2. BRICKLIVE Birmingham

Date: October
Location: NEC Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
BRICKLIVE Birmingham is Europe’s premier LEGO convention, drawing LEGO enthusiasts from across the continent. Held annually in the NEC Birmingham, this event is renowned for its interactive and immersive experience. Attendees can explore themed zones such as Star Wars, Ninjago, and Minecraft, each filled with hands-on activities and impressive large-scale models. The convention also hosts live stage shows featuring LEGO building challenges, guest appearances from master builders, and demonstrations that engage and entertain the audience. Visitors can participate in creative workshops, where they can learn new building techniques and tips from experts. Additionally, the event offers a marketplace with a wide selection of LEGO sets, custom minifigures, and unique accessories. BRICKLIVE Birmingham provides a fantastic opportunity for LEGO fans to immerse themselves in the brick-building world and connect with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

3. BrickCon Seattle

Date: October
Location: Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle, Washington, USA
BrickCon Seattle is a beloved convention with a rich history spanning over two decades. Each year, the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall transforms into a vibrant hub for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. The convention is famous for its diverse and intricate displays created by fans and professional builders, covering a myriad of themes from futuristic space stations to detailed historical reenactments. BrickCon also offers a range of hands-on activities, including building competitions and collaborative projects where attendees can contribute to large-scale models. Seminars and workshops provide insights into advanced building techniques and the creative process behind some of the most impressive LEGO constructions. The event also features a marketplace with vendors offering rare LEGO sets, custom parts, and memorabilia. BrickCon Seattle is not just an exhibition but a community celebration, fostering connections among LEGO fans and inspiring creativity.

4. LEGO World Copenhagen

Date: February
Location: Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
LEGO World Copenhagen is a quintessential event for LEGO fans, taking place annually in the birthplace of LEGO. Hosted at the Bella Center, this family-friendly convention showcases the magic of LEGO through a variety of engaging activities and exhibits. Visitors can explore themed zones dedicated to different LEGO series such as City, Technic, and Friends, each offering hands-on building activities and interactive displays. Special guests, including LEGO designers, provide exclusive insights into the development of new sets and themes. One of the highlights of LEGO World Copenhagen is the opportunity to participate in large-scale collaborative builds, where attendees can contribute to massive LEGO structures. The event also features competitions, live demonstrations, and a marketplace filled with the latest LEGO products. LEGO World Copenhagen offers a unique opportunity to experience the creativity and innovation of LEGO in its homeland, making it a must-visit for any fan.

5. BrickFair Virginia

Date: August
Location: Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Virginia, USA
BrickFair Virginia is one of the largest LEGO conventions in the United States, attracting a diverse crowd of builders and fans each year. Held at the Dulles Expo Center, this event features an extensive exhibition of LEGO creations ranging from detailed dioramas to intricate sculptures. Attendees can marvel at the creativity on display, participate in hands-on building activities, and join in on various competitions that challenge their building skills and creativity. BrickFair Virginia also offers workshops and seminars where attendees can learn advanced building techniques and meet renowned LEGO builders. The event includes a bustling marketplace with vendors offering rare and custom LEGO sets, minifigures, and accessories. With its vibrant community atmosphere and wide range of activities, BrickFair Virginia provides a comprehensive and engaging experience for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

6. Japan Brickfest Kobe

Date: June
Location: Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan
Japan Brickfest Kobe is Asia’s largest international LEGO event, held annually at the Canadian Academy in Kobe. This convention attracts builders and fans from across the globe, offering a unique platform to showcase and celebrate LEGO creativity. The event is known for its impressive My Own Creation (MOC) displays, featuring intricate and imaginative builds from both amateur and professional builders. Attendees can participate in collaborative building projects, interactive workshops, and competitions that highlight their creativity and building skills. Japan Brickfest also supports charitable causes, with proceeds from the event often going to local and international charities. The festival provides a rich cultural experience, blending the creativity of LEGO with Japanese hospitality and community spirit. For LEGO enthusiasts in Asia, Japan Brickfest Kobe is a must-visit event that offers inspiration and connection within the global LEGO community.

7. Brickvention Melbourne

Date: January
Location: Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia
Brickvention is Australia’s premier LEGO convention, held annually at the historic Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. This event brings together LEGO enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate and showcase their creations. Attendees can explore an array of impressive displays featuring cityscapes, fantasy worlds, and intricate mechanical builds. Brickvention offers interactive zones where visitors can engage in hands-on building activities, participate in workshops, and learn new techniques from experienced builders. The convention also includes a marketplace with vendors selling rare and custom LEGO sets, minifigures, and accessories. Brickvention is a family-friendly event, providing activities and entertainment for LEGO fans of all ages. With its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of exhibits, Brickvention is a highlight of the Australian LEGO calendar, offering a unique and engaging experience for all attendees.

8. BrickCan Richmond

Date: May
Location: River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
BrickCan Richmond is Canada’s largest public exhibition of LEGO creations, held annually at the River Rock Casino Resort. This event attracts builders and fans from across North America, offering a platform to showcase and celebrate LEGO creativity. Attendees can explore a wide array of displays featuring detailed cityscapes, fantasy worlds, and innovative mechanical builds. BrickCan also offers interactive building activities, workshops, and competitions that engage and inspire participants of all ages. Special guests, including renowned LEGO builders, provide insights and demonstrations, enhancing the experience for attendees. The event includes a marketplace with vendors offering rare and custom LEGO sets, minifigures, and accessories. With its welcoming community atmosphere and diverse range of activities, BrickCan Richmond provides a fantastic opportunity for LEGO enthusiasts to connect, share, and celebrate their passion for the brick.

9. Skærbæk Fan Weekend

Date: September
Location: Skærbæk Conference Center, Skærbæk, Denmark
Skærbæk Fan Weekend is a unique LEGO convention held annually in the quaint town of Skærbæk, Denmark. This event is known for its close-knit community atmosphere, attracting LEGO enthusiasts from around the world to share their passion for the brick. Attendees can explore a variety of displays showcasing the creativity and innovation of builders, participate in workshops, and engage in collaborative building projects. The event also offers seminars and presentations by renowned LEGO designers and artists, providing insights into the creative process and the world of LEGO design. Skærbæk Fan Weekend is an excellent opportunity for fans to connect, exchange ideas, and celebrate their shared love for LEGO in an intimate and inspiring setting.

10. Brick Fiesta

Date: July
Location: Rotates Annually Between Major Cities in Texas, USA
Brick Fiesta is a traveling LEGO convention held annually in different cities across Texas, providing a unique opportunity for LEGO fans to experience the event in various locations. The convention features an extensive exhibition of LEGO creations, interactive building zones, and hands-on workshops. Attendees can participate in building competitions, meet and learn from master builders, and explore a marketplace filled with rare and custom LEGO sets. Each year, Brick Fiesta attracts a diverse crowd of enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community atmosphere. With its rotating locations, Brick Fiesta offers a fresh and exciting experience for attendees, making it a must-visit event for LEGO fans in Texas and beyond.

From the United States to Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada, LEGO conventions offer unique experiences that celebrate the joy and creativity of LEGO building. Whether you're looking to admire incredible fan creations, participate in building activities, or connect with fellow LEGO enthusiasts, these annual conventions provide the perfect opportunity.

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