"Ticket to Ride" has captivated board game enthusiasts for nearly two decades with its engaging and strategic gameplay. Its enduring popularity is largely due to its many editions and expansions, each of which adds new layers of complexity and excitement, providing fresh experiences even for veteran players. For instance, editions like "Europe" and "Nordic Countries" bring new geographical challenges and strategic elements such as tunnels and ferries. Meanwhile, expansions such as "Asia" and "United Kingdom" offer innovative mechanics like team play and technology cards. With so many versions to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for newcomers. Fear not! We're here to help with the ultimate guide to all of the "Ticket to Ride" editions, which will help you pick the right one for yourself.

Stand Alone Games

Each of these "Ticket To Ride" games can be played fully as a stand alone game. Perfect for starting your "Ticket To Ride" journey!

1. Ticket To Ride (2004)

Also known as "Ticket to Ride USA," this game is the one that started it all. Designed by Alan R. Moon, Ticket to Ride USA is a route-building game that has become a must-own for every household. With its easy-to-learn rules yet endless playability, it provides countless hours of fun. This game introduced the base rules that all subsequent games in the series are built on. This edition has a mini-expansion "USA 1910", which includes more destination cards.

2. Ticket To Ride - Europe (2005)

"Ticket to Ride: Europe" introduced several new elements that add depth and variety to the original gameplay, in addition to a new European map. Tunnels require players to draw additional cards to determine if they can complete the route, adding uncertainty and risk. Ferries need locomotive cards to claim, which makes resource management more critical. Stations allow players to use a route already claimed by an opponent, offering strategic flexibility. This expansion's added complexity makes it a favorite for many, bringing new challenges and strategies to the "Ticket to Ride" experience. This edition has a mini-expansion "Europe 1912", which includes more destination cards.

3. Ticket To Ride - M├Ąrklin (2006)

Set on a map of Germany, this version introduces a new passenger mechanic, in which players can move their passengers meeple along their routes to claim bonus tokens. The game also includes new types of +4 locomotive cards that allow double draws but can only be used on routes of length 4 and up. Destination tickets are split into short and long piles, and players can pick and choose from which pile to draw their next cards. This version is currently out of print but was re-imagined as "Ticket to Ride - Germany".

4. Ticket To Ride - Nordic Countries (2007)

"Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries" is tailored for 2-3 players and focuses on the beautiful Scandinavian countries. This version features a winter theme, with a beautifully illustrated map reflecting the snowy landscapes of the region, adding an aesthetic appeal. The game emphasizes longer, more challenging routes that require careful planning and strategic foresight. Unique elements like ferry routes and tunnel cards add complexity and intrigue, ensuring that each game is a fresh and engaging experience. This version is perfect for smaller groups, offering an intimate and strategic gameplay experience that captures the essence of the Nordic region.

5. Ticket To Ride - Rails & Sails (2016)

Rails & Sails introduced both train and ship routes. The global map features interconnected train and ship routes, allowing players to navigate across continents and oceans. The Great Lakes map focuses on the Great Lakes region with a similar blend of train and ship routes. This version requires players to manage both trains and ships, adding a new layer of strategic planning and resource management. The combination of rail and sea travel creates a rich and engaging gameplay experience, capturing the essence of global transportation networks. Also new with this version are harbors, which grants bonus points for connected routes.

6. Ticket To Ride - Germany (2017)

"Ticket to Ride: Germany" is a reimagined version of the out-of-print "M├Ąrklin" edition. In addition to the previously introduced passenger tokens that allow players to collect points by moving passengers to different cities, it adds new destination cards while omitting the +4 locomotive. Originally published exclusively in Germany, this version gained in popularity and became available worldwide shortly after.

7. Ticket To Ride - Northern Lights (2022)

Currently exclusive to the Scandinavian countries, this map is similar to "Nordic Countries" (while not the same). It expands the player count back to 5 and introduces 11 bonus cards. Each game, players randomly pick 4 out of the 11, which changes the gameplay and strategies should they wish to get the bonus cards.

8. Ticket To Ride Legacy - Legends Of The West (2023)

As a "legacy game," this USA map is the first Ticket to Ride full campaign, played over a series of games, expanding more with each round. By the end of the campaign, you'll have a unique copy of your journey based on your decision-making that you can play again and again.

Expansion Maps

To play these maps you must own either the original "Ticket To Ride" or "Ticket To Ride - Europe".

1. Asia (2011)

"Ticket to Ride: Asia," released in 2011, includes two unique maps: Team Asia and Legendary Asia. Team Asia is designed for 4-6 players, encouraging teamwork as players pair up to complete their routes. This cooperative gameplay introduces new dynamics and strategies, as partners must communicate and plan together. Legendary Asia features mountain routes that cost additional train cards but can yield significant rewards. These mountain routes add a layer of strategic planning and resource management, as players must decide whether the high-risk, high-reward routes are worth the investment. This expansion offers both cooperative and competitive gameplay, making it versatile and engaging.

2. India/Switzerland (2011)

"Ticket to Ride: India," part of the Map Collection Volume 2, includes two maps: India and Switzerland. The India map features the Mandala bonus, where players can earn additional points by creating circular routes. This mechanic encourages strategic route planning and creativity, as players aim to maximize their points with intricate networks. The Switzerland map focuses on the country's challenging terrain and tight routes, designed for 2-3 players. This map emphasizes strategic planning and resource management, offering a unique and challenging gameplay experience. The India expansion provides a blend of strategic and creative gameplay, capturing the diverse and intricate railway network of India.

3. Heart of Africa (2012)

Map Collection 3 focuses on the diverse terrain of the African continent. Terrain cards are needed to build routes, adding a strategic layer to the game. Players must consider the different terrain types and manage their resources accordingly, making route planning more complex and engaging. This expansion emphasizes strategic planning and resource management, as players navigate the challenging and diverse terrain of Africa. The unique terrain mechanic adds a fresh and exciting twist to the classic gameplay, making "Ticket to Ride: Heart of Africa" a compelling addition to the series.

4. Nederland (2013)

Map Collection 4 features a map with many waterways and introduces bridge tolls. Players must pay tolls to use certain bridges, adding a new economic dimension to the game. This toll system requires players to manage their resources carefully and plan their routes strategically, balancing the cost of tolls with the potential rewards. The waterways and bridge tolls create a unique and engaging gameplay experience, emphasizing economic strategy and resource management. This expansion captures the essence of the Netherlands' extensive canal and bridge network, offering a distinctive and challenging gameplay experience.

5. United Kingdom/Pennsylvania (2015)

The "United Kingdom" expansion, part of Map Collection 5, introduces a dual-sided board with the UK and Pennsylvania maps. On the UK map, players must develop technologies to expand their rail network, using technology cards that allow for longer routes and more efficient train travel. This adds a layer of technological development and strategic planning to the game. The Pennsylvania map features a stock system where players can invest in rail companies, adding an economic layer to the gameplay. Players earn points based on their investments, requiring a balance between route building and economic strategy. This expansion offers a rich blend of technological advancement and economic strategy.

6. France/Old West (2017)

Map collection 6 features a double-sided board with France and the Old West maps. The France map introduces a new mechanic where players must first lay track before claiming routes, adding a strategic element of planning and competition. This track-building mechanic requires players to think ahead and adapt to changing circumstances. The Old West map allows players to claim cities and build networks across the expanding American frontier. This map emphasizes long routes and strategic planning, as players must navigate the vast open spaces of the Old West. This expansion provides a blend of European and American gameplay styles, offering a diverse and engaging experience.

6.5. Poland (2019)

"Ticket to Ride: Poland" is a smaller expansion with a unique map focusing on connections within Poland and to neighboring countries. International routes are emphasized, requiring players to plan long-term strategies and manage their resources carefully. This expansion adds a layer of strategic planning and foresight, as players must balance their domestic and international connections. The unique map and mechanics offer a fresh and engaging gameplay experience, capturing the essence of Poland's railway network and its connections to neighboring countries. Originally sold exclusively in Poland, it got world wide release shortly after.

7. Japan/Italy (2019)

This expansion offers a dual-sided board with Japan and Italy maps. The Japan map introduces the bullet train, where players can contribute to its construction and then use it for their routes. This mechanic adds a cooperative element to the game, as players work together to build the bullet train while also competing for routes. The Italy map features ferry routes and country-to-country connections, adding complexity to route planning. These elements require players to think strategically about their connections and resources, creating a rich and engaging gameplay experience. This expansion offers a blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay, capturing the essence of Japan's high-speed rail and Italy's intricate network.

8.Iberia/South Korea (2024)ÔÇŹ

Map Collection 8, featuring Iberia and South Korea, introduces two new maps with unique mechanics to the Ticket to Ride series. In the Iberian Peninsula map, players draft six destination cards and keep four, repeating this process before the train deck runs out. Also introduced are festival cards, placed next to cities on the board. Connecting routes to cities with festival cards allows players to collect them for extra points.

On the South Korea map, routes are grouped by color, and claiming a route allows players to place a train on the province mat in an empty space of the matching color. Players can also use "express train" cards (+1, +2, +3) to draw more train cards, destination tickets, or claim higher values on the province mat. At the end of the game, players with the highest sum of values in each color earn bonus points.

Cities Collection

The standalone "City" series games are fun bite-sized Ticket to Ride games. The maps depicts a city and are much smaller in scope. Game rounds can take about 15 minutes, making it perfect for your "on-the-go" Ticket to Ride time. Currently available are New York (2018), London (2019), Amsterdam (2020), San Francisco (2022), Berlin (2023), and Paris (2024). Each game features unique pieces; instead of trains, we have carriages, cable cars, buses, and more. Additionally, each game includes a unique twist on the base rules to challenge your gameplay.

Special Editions

To commemorate anniversaries, the original Ticket to Ride received a 10th-anniversary edition, which included highly detailed trains, a larger-sized full-color map, and all of the cards from previous mini-expansion packs. Ticket to Ride Europe got a similar treatment for its 15th anniversary edition. While the Ticket to Ride USA special edition is long out of print, the Europe special edition is still available for purchase. Both are sure to delight any serious Ticket to Ride fan.

In addition to these, over the years there have been numerous mini special card packs, some of which were reprinted and some are only available on the second-hand market.


With so many editions and expansions of Ticket to Ride available, there's a perfect game for every type of player. Whether you prefer the classic routes of the USA map, the historical depth of the M├Ąrklin and Europe editions, the fast-paced fun of the "City" series, or the strategic complexity of the map collections, Ticket to Ride offers endless possibilities for adventure and strategy. The anniversary editions add an extra layer of elegance and nostalgia for dedicated fans. With so many choices, the only question left is: which one will be your next favorite?

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May 26, 2024
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