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Michael Thompson

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Impact of Dungeons & Dragons on Contemporary Fantasy Books

Discover how Dungeons & Dragons has profoundly influenced modern fantasy literature. Explore the game's impact on character development, world-building, narrative structure, and more.

The Power of Indie: How Independent Developers are Shaping the Future of Gaming

Discover how indie games, created by small studios and independent developers, are revolutionizing the gaming industry with their innovation, creativity, and unique storytelling. Explore the challenges they face and their impact on the gaming landscape.
Anime & Manga

The Legacy of Hayao Miyazaki: Exploring Studio Ghibli's Timeless Masterpieces

Explore the legacy of Hayao Miyazaki and the masterpieces of Studio Ghibli. From 'My Neighbor Totoro' to 'Spirited Away,' discover the timeless magic of Miyazaki's animated films.
Movies & TV Shows

25 Iconic Movie Filming Locations You Can Visit Today

Discover 25 famous movie sets still accessible to the public. From Harry Potter to Jurassic Park, step into the magic of your favorite films and explore these iconic locations.
Movies & TV Shows

Video Game Adaptations: Hits and Misses in Movies and TV

Explore the best and worst video game adaptations in movies and TV, from iconic blockbusters to forgettable flops. Discover what makes these adaptations succeed or fail.
Movies & TV Shows

Love This? Watch That! 15 TV Shows to Enjoy Next

Looking for your next binge-worthy show? Explore 15 TV series that capture the essence of your favorite popular shows. Perfect for discovering new favorites.
Movies & TV Shows

International Frights: Top Scariest Horror Movies

Discover the scariest foreign horror movies that have terrified audiences worldwide. From Japanese ghost stories to Spanish thrillers, these films offer spine-chilling experiences.
Movies & TV Shows

Star Trek's Expanding Universe: From TV to Games and Beyond

Explore the rich history of Star Trek from its origins in 1966 to its impact on pop culture today. Discover how this iconic franchise has evolved across TV, movies, comics, video games, and more.