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Sarah Mitchell

Comics & Graphic Novels

Breaking Barriers: Minority Representation in Comics

Explore the increasing representation of minorities in comics, both through diverse characters and inclusive storytelling. Discover how the comic book industry is breaking stereotypes and promoting inclusivity.
Tech and Gadgets

BlackBerry's Legacy: How It Changed the Mobile World Forever

Explore the rise and fall of BlackBerry, the once-dominant mobile giant, and its lasting impact on the mobile technology landscape. Discover how BlackBerry revolutionized mobile communication and why it ultimately declined.

Most Detailed Open World Games You Need to Experience

Discover the most expansive and detailed open world video games that offer endless exploration and immersive experiences. From Skyrim to Starfield, dive into worlds that set new standards in gaming.
Comics & Graphic Novels

Dark Horse Comics: A Comprehensive History and Must-Read Titles

Discover the history and unique appeal of Dark Horse Comics, a major player in the comic book industry. Learn about their standout titles, key differences from Marvel and DC, and must-read stories for every comic book fan.
Board Games

20 IP Board Games That Are Worth Checking Out

Discover the top 20 IP board games that break the mold, offering engaging gameplay and strong connections to their source material. From Star Wars: Rebellion to Marvel Champions, find your next favorite game.
Tech and Gadgets

IoT and Smart Devices: From Inception To Innovation

Explore the fascinating evolution of IoT and smart devices from their early beginnings to current innovations and future trends. Discover how these technologies are shaping our world.

Indie Game Spotlight: 20 Unmissable Adventures

Explore the top 20 indie games you need to play, featuring unique storytelling, innovative gameplay, and diverse genres. Discover why indie games are the heart of the gaming world.
Lego And Construction Models

Lego Ideas Theme Explained

Discover everything about Lego Ideas with our comprehensive guide. Learn how fan creations become official sets, and explore the most iconic releases.